Our Training Philosophy

We believe that sports and competition, at the highest of levels, brings out the best characteristics - hard work, perseverance, commitment, teamwork, communication and self-discipline.You will be challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone to develop consistency and excellence in all areas of life.

We train players and teams at all skill levels and ages. Whether helping players improve their jump shot, dribbling, passing, team chemistry or simply building confidence on the basketball court, our trainers work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide measurable results.


Remy Workouts is proudly helping a base of clients from grassroots, amateur to professional athletes.

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Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat

"What I loved most about working with Stan..was that I could tell he paid great attention to my game. Not only did we work on fine tuning the things I've become great at but we also worked on some of the areas ive started to dip in as well. At 34 years old I really enjoyed this new challenge."