Remy Workouts' training and development philosophy begins and ends with a no-nonsense approach to high-level fundamental skill development combined with mental toughness and sports-specific performance training.

Remy firmly believes that balance and footwork are the vital components to success on the basketball court. We ensure that these components are incorporated into everything we do with our athletes. Focused training is the best means for a player to achieve significant and lasting improvement on the basketball court.

We have created five main service formats to assist our athletes in becoming ‘students of the game’. At the same time, we work to give them a complete understanding of a champion’s intangibles; work ethic, attitude, discipline, and commitment.

This philosophy empowers our athletes’ with knowledge and information to further improve their skills, wherever that setting may be – team, small group and individually. During training, a focus on hard work, a positive attitude and dedication to improving performance every time a player touches a ball is paramount.

Remy Workouts' works with each athlete to develop his or her own personal basketball blue print.